About Optics Netherlands

Optics Netherlands is an initiative of Dutch academia, knowledge institutes and industry aimed at boosting the  Dutch economy in the field of optical technologies to increase utilisation of Dutch science through joint R&D.

The Netherlands are unique in the field of optics and opto-mechatronics, with a leading position in science and industry. Within Optics Netherlands universities, HBO, MBO and other knowledge institutes providing excellent research facilities team up with a world class manufacturing industry; producing opto-mechanical components for high-precision products like satellites, telescopes, microscopes and inspection instruments.

By joining forces in R&D, developing prototypes and eventually forming product consortia we create a strong Dutch optics ecosystem that benefits both industry and science. This initiative is well aligned with the Dutch government’s ambition for large-scale Public-Private Partnerships. Optics Netherlands is a consortium of knowledge institutes and more than 200 High Tech companies from all over the Netherlands.

Optics Netherlands core team

Anke Peters

General Manager Optics Netherlands
TU Delft

Wilbert IJzerman

Manager Lighting Technology sector @ Signify & Prof. illumination optics TUE

Willem Vos

Chair COPS
University of Twente

Sjoerd Stallinga

Department Head Imphys
TU Delft

Stefan Bäumer

Senior Optical Designer

Ferry Zijp

Experimental physicist and project leader at ASML - Research

Maarten Voncken

Director Research at ASML
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Optics to produce semiconductor chips

Energy & Environment

Optical systems facilitate energy generation, energy storage and environmental monitoring


Optical sensors to enable digitization and robotisation of manufacturing


Optics for diagnosis and treatment


Optics/photonics for fiber and wireless communication


Optics to optimise food production and minimize environmental impact