About Dutch Optics Centre


Perform product development projects (TRL 3-7) together with mainly Dutch parties, leading to prototypes.

Optics Netherlands partner companies have an urge to develop new optic/photonic products; they need the technologies, partners and funding to realize that ambition.

Optics Netherlands contacts potential companies and facilitates development projects. We connect with funding agencies to finance R&D projects, for example RVO, MinEZK, OostNL, PZH, and MRDH, and we support companies with a subsidy advisor.

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Optics to produce semiconductor chips

Energy & Environment

Optical systems facilitate energy generation, energy storage and environmental monitoring


Optical sensors to enable digitization and robotisation of manufacturing


Optics for diagnosis and treatment


Optics/photonics for fiber and wireless communication


Optics to optimise food production and minimize environmental impact