About Optics Netherlands


Educate current and future generations of optical scientists and engineers, on all levels (WO, HBO, MBO) that means professional education and student education.

Optics Netherlands has found a basis within the 4TU Federation to organize the optics ecosystem in The Netherlands to create a national master’s in optics available for all master students registered in any of the Dutch universities that have the interest to pursue a career in optics. 

With the high demand for new talent in the field of optics we are expanding courses to community colleges as well as vocational education. 

We collaborate with Microcentrum as well as DSPE and High Tech institute to increase the options for professional education and develop training cuorses for companies on demand within the lifelong optics learning program. 


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Optics to produce semiconductor chips

Energy & Environment

Optical systems facilitate energy generation, energy storage and environmental monitoring


Optical sensors to enable digitization and robotisation of manufacturing


Optics for diagnosis and treatment


Optics/photonics for fiber and wireless communication


Optics to optimise food production and minimize environmental impact