About Optics Netherlands


Provide Dutch companies with relevant new technologies and stimulate universities to testing/validation of new optical concepts for application in Dutch industry, in line with Nationale Agenda Fotonica application areas.

Create a vibrant eco-system for researchers to strengthen the research foundation.

The Optics Netherlands ecosystem will enable access and effective use of various high tech instruments as well as supporting facilities (such as work spaces) This will result in lower operating costs as well as providing an environment where partners can meet and inspire and learn from each other resulting in more efficient use of time and effort. Additionally low threshold facility sharing can result in new joint innovation ideas.


Perform product development projects (TRL 3-7) together with mainly Dutch parties, leading to prototypes.

Optics Netherlands partner companies have an urge to develop new optic/photonic products; they need the technologies, partners and funding to realize that ambition.

Optics Netherlands contacts companies and facilitates development projects. We connect with funding agencies to finance R&D projects, for example RVO, MinEZK, OostNL, PZH, and MRDH, and we support companies with a subsidy advisor.

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Optics to produce semiconductor chips

Energy & Environment

Optical systems facilitate energy generation, energy storage and environmental monitoring


Optical sensors to enable digitization and robotisation of manufacturing


Optics for diagnosis and treatment


Optics/photonics for fiber and wireless communication


Optics to optimise food production and minimize environmental impact