ACTPHAST innovation programme

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ACTPHAST4.0 is a specially designed programme to support European companies who want to boost the innovation of their projects with photonics. This project is supported by the EU.

Overview of projects and partner companies:

How it works:

A company makes an initial request for support.

Once qualified as a “potential” innovation project, the most suitable technical expert from the pool of up to 200 top photonics experts amongst the ACTPHAST 4.0 Partners is selected.

This expert arranges an in-depth discussion with the company about the potential project under NDA and to jointly submit a scouting report.

If the scouting report is evaluated with positive result, a ACTPHAST Project Leader is appointed to write the detailed proposal together with the Business Coach and the company.

Where an innovation project is approved for support, the next step is the process of preparing and signing the contract.

Once the contract is signed, the project commences with a formal kick-off meeting between all of the parties and project team members.


Heavily subsidized for projects undertaken with SMEs (100% subsidy for the first 30K€ of costs for an innovation project and 75% subsidy for all project costs over 30K€ including follow-on projects with the same company. For large-scale companies, the subsidy is 50% on all project costs)

Are you an interested company looking for more information ? Contact our ACTPHAST Member of the Technical Coordination Team Peter Harmsma

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