AgriFood webinar | March 24

2020 dronefeeding
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Since Q4 2019, DOC has started working on another focus application area of Photonics: Agrifood. After a very succesfull workshop at the AgriFoodTech fair in ‘s Hertogenbosch in December 2019, a follow up event is scheduled for the 24th of March. The theme is: “Optimization of specific Agrifood chains by means of sensors & data”; more specifically, collecting data (precision farming), converting data into information, using the information, and sharing of shielding the information.

Example topics: Bottlenecks in the manure chain, Wide application of precision agriculture, Production optimization, Tomato and fruit harvest: measuring ripeness in real time, Measuring proteins/sugar in grass..

We aim at a set of focused development activities to boost the AgriFood sector; we will coordinate the actions of bringing together the right partners, funding and technology.

Because of the measures for the CoronaVirus we will set up a Webinar, where you can actively participate via remote connection.

If you are active in AgriFood and this workshop triggers your thoughts, please sign up by mail ( )  and send us any other topic that you would like to address!

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