DOC Discovery Days 2021 : Turning Technology into Business

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DOC will create a boost for valorization of optics technology, for example via new startups: discovering potential topics and people, assist them in setting up business cases, and connecting them with investors and partners. We will discuss a broader view on valorization, presented by Dap Hartmann from TU Delft TBM.

The workshop “DOC Discovery Days” will be held in July 7th and 15th; we will bring together a group of PhD students with ambitions for setting up their own company, and other interested startups. In the workshop this group will be trained in setting up a good business-case, and present this business-case to an audience of DOC-partner companies, incubators, and public and private investors in September.

What’s in it for the participants: Better insight in different ways to increase the valorization of your topic, contacts with candidate customers, start of a start up company, assessment of IP, student points, patents/publications ….

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