Opportunities for acces to Funding

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  • We have several vouchers available, with a value of € 5000,- to start a first project with DOC on Optical Communication related subjects. There are simply 2 conditions: you need to be an SME (MKB bedrijf) and you need to have a location in the province of Zuid Holland. Contact Bart Snijders for more information on bart.snijders@tno.nl with subject ‘voucher optical communication’.
  • In the first week of April, you can file for a so called MIT subsidy of 20k€ (40% on costs) for feasibility studies for your project or business idea. Activities you can get funded are financial analysis, organizational analysis and technical analysis (with some room for a very small test). Let us know if you have an idea in the field of optics you would like to put forward. Mind you: in order to have a chance of success, you need to file in this first week of April.
  • In the same week also vouchers, in the same MIT program, are available. Value is € 3750 (50% on costs) for activities that a knowledge institute (such as TNO or TUDelft – DOC) needs to perform for you. You can apply as of the first week of April, up till the summer period.
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