Project “Application Lab Nanosats” finalized

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At the final interview of the OPPORTUNITIES FOR WEST 2 project: “Dutch optics center – Applications lab NanoSats (DANS)”, on August 27, the results were presented.

The project contributed to the setting up of the Dutch Optics Center, with two Application Labs, collaboration in the development of nano satellites, and participation in trade fairs and conferences:

  • The network of the Dutch Optics Center has been expanded with Dutch optics companies and the cooperation has been strengthened, including joint presentations at trade fairs and conferences
  • a colocation environment for collaboration in the development of nanosatellites has been created
  • a commercial nano satellite mission for remote sensing has been designed
  • the Application Labs for Semicon Metrology and Optics Manufacturing have been set up, including market studies for these application areas. The market reports are available for free to DOC project partners.
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