Subsidy scheme for demonstration projects, feasibility studies and investment preparation studies (DHI)

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The DHI scheme supports Dutch enterprises (including enterprises in the overseas parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) that want to invest in or execute a project in emerging markets and in developing countries.
The DHI scheme is a tender programme. Entreprises can submit a tender during the tender periods.

The 2nd tender in 2018 opens on 9 August and closes on 21 September, 3 p.m. (Dutch time).

3 modules

The DHI scheme consists of 3 modules:
Demonstration projects: presentation of a technology, capital goods or service in one of the DHI countries.
Feasibility studies: assessment of the profitability of a foreign investment in a product or service.
Investment preparation studies: assessment of the technical and commercial profitability of an investment in a company in one of the DHI countries.

For whom?

DHI focuses on SMEs in the Kingdom of the Netherlands with international ambitions and an interest in emerging markets and developing countries. The SME test tells you whether you are an SME entrepreneur.

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