Subsidy schemes for doing business in Germany

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For companies and institutions, there are interesting subsidy schemes available for doing business in Germany. Some are also now, or shortly, open to new proposals. A few examples are:

  1. Export: demonstration of your technology or product to one or more potential customers? Or for research for German establishment? Then the DHI scheme gives 50% subsidy on the costs, up to 200kE. Advice regarding budget is to submit quickly.
  2. Research and Development, BETWEEN 2 SME companies (1 in NL and 1 in D) gives via Eurostars 35% to 50% subsidy, Up To 500ke. A knowledge institution can also be a partner. An alternative arrangement may be Eureka, depending on the time of application.
  3. The entire east side of the Netherlands: are you in the so-called Interreg area of the Netherlands? You can see that here . And is it an option to cooperate with a German party in the German Interreg area? Then there are 3 additional arrangements now possible.
    1. Interreg innovation vouchers up to 20kE or higher,
    2. IPRO-N and DigiPro, these programmes each offer 40% subsidy (up to a maximum of almost 50kE subsidy) for joint development,
    3. Rocket, a scheme for collaborations of at least 2 or more (SMES and/or large) companies and institutions, with 60% subsidy up to 275kE.
  4. Germany Local Possibilities: If you are going to cooperate with 1 party in Germany, the German party can apply for subsidies. In Germany, N.L. is also a possibility which resembles the Dutch WBSO scheme. In addition, in Germany there are also ‘ top sectors ‘, as in the Netherlands, with thematic subsidy schemes. For more information, please visit this page.

We are happy to help you with partner search, preparation and drafting of subsidy applications.

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