CARLA “CAReerLAunch in photonics”

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Coordinated by ICFO, a consortium of 11 partners -amongst which DOC- started this new initiative that aims to encourage young students and professionals to pursue careers in photonics. This will be done in coordination with industry and academia. CARLA aims to boost the numbers of students and young researchers pursuing careers in photonics, to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship and to empower diversity.

CARLA, the photonics careers hub, is a 2-year H2020 EU-funded project that will develop a model for pan-European photonics career camps of excellence. CARLA will integrate the fields of industry, academia, innovation and entrepreneurship, putting special emphasis on empowering gender diversity. During the project 11 camps will be organised in 10 different countries, aiming to create a rigorous, tested and reproducible tool to support growth, leadership and innovation potential in photonics at the EU level. The Dutch Carla Camp will be held in June of this year.  Do you want to get in contact with highly motivated students in photonics? Contact

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