Highligted Master Project: Photonics problems

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Light in interaction with matter, electrons or atoms

Optics is still very much alive and is a fascinating subject to study and to pursue a career in. Examples of exciting topics are e.g. holography and optical cloacking. Optics also has many applications and is very important for industry. If you do your master or bachelor project in the Optics Group you can choose between a more applied or a more theoretical subject. We maintain a close link with TNO Optics through the Dutch Optical Centre which is an initiative of the Optics Groups of TU Delft and of TNO. We also have close ties with ASML, Carl Zeiss in the field of scatterometry and computational imaging, and with Datalogic in the field of bar code readers, and also with other companies. If you prefer fundamental topics, you can explore for example transformation optics, hyperbolic materials, nano-optics using special focused beams or optical communication with singular vector beams.


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