Optimizing the imaging of 3D cameras

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Robots are used to automate production processes. It’s important that these robots are equipped with 3D cameras so they can register all kind of objects that need to be handled or measured. However the current 3D cameras don’t work optimally. Transparent, reflective and absorbing objects are not imaged correctly by current 3D cameras.

A first example showing that these kinds of objects cannot be properly visualized with 3D cameras is in the picture above: the plant container and the window are not presented with the correct 3D-shape. This is a problem because many production processes make use of similar kinds of objects.

The purpose of this poject is to design a 3D camera that can image transparent, reflective and absorbing objects. In the coming six months this will be my internship assignment that I will be working on at DOC. I am a student at the Hague University of applied science and my name is Lucienne.

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