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The Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute at the Eindhoven University of Technology organizes the yearly Optical Sensing Challenge. Companies and organizations throughout Europe are invited to propose practical sensing problems which may have a solution based on optics or photonics.

Way of working:

  • Proposals (1 page max in pdf format) should describe the sensing problem, main specifications, shortcomings of existing solutions, and potential impact.
  • The TU/e selects a limited set of challenges based on technical feasibility and potential industrial or societal impact.
  • Solutions to the selected challenges are investigated by small teams of TU/e Master students, with the supervision of an academic advisor. Practical approaches based on optics and photonics are analysed and benchmarked in terms of technical specifications and cost.
  • The results are presented by the TU/e team to the proposer of the challenge.
  • A follow-up in terms of a R&D project can be discussed with the TU/e and its industrial partners if there is mutual interest.
  • No funding is required from the proposer

The submission deadline for the 2024 challenge is 21 December 2023, and the student projects will be carried out in the period February – April 2024. The proposals, and any request for further information, can be sent to Prof. A. Fiore, a.fiore@tue.nl. If a full proposal cannot be submitted before the deadline, a short expression of interest can be sent.

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