3D robot vision system at the Precision Fair

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DOC will demonstrate a 3D robot vision system, live at the Precision Fair of 10-11 November in Den Bosch.

3D vision enables the robot to have flexible interaction with components to be handled, for example for bin picking and autonomous workflow applications. The system can also be applied for performing accurate 3D shape measurements of components.

These processes can help the Dutch industry to further excel in high-mix/low-volume manufacturing. Combination them with Zero-programming and Zero-defect technology will increase the economic viability of smaller production volumes. Zero programming generates robot setup information based on CAD data in a highly automated way, with minimized effort for the human operator.

In a 3D robot vision system the alignment and calibration are also performed in a automated process. Applications range from handling of large components (>5 meter) with centimeter accuracy, to small component (centimeter-scale) with accuracies in the range of 0.01 mm.

In this development we cooperate with manufacturing industry (specifically SMEs ) and the fieldlab SAMXL .

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