DOC Discovery Day Masterclass: Turning Technology into Business, by Dap Hartmann

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A group of ambitious TU Delft students got together in the Academic Summer Period for two days of workshops, preparing for an event with DOC partner companies and investors on Wednesday September 29, where they will pitch the topics of their research.

Dap Hartmann, from TU Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship, coached the students to get a view on the technologies that they are developing from the application perspective, and to explore a first assessment of promising applications and potential customers .

A fascinating example of a technology with an ever growing range of applications is the laser:

He-Ne Laser Picture courtesy AT&T Bell Labs, 1964.

Back in 1964 the researchers at Bell Labs probably could not have grasped that we use many different lasers all around the world in our everyday business.

Overall conclusion of the students:  this training puts you in the right direction to seriously consider turning your knowledge to business..

Are you looking for more information, or interested to join in this activity as a company (or as a student) looking for new technology as a starting point for smaller or larger innovations? Do not hesitate to contact us !

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