DOC shared unique facilities

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TUD and TNO have high-end facilities that can be used by third parties; most of the systems need an experienced user, so an operator/researcher will perform the experiments or measurements with you. For more information please contact Carlas Smith or Bart Snijders

  • Labs and cleanrooms:
    • Cleanroom: ISO class 7 cleanroom moisture controled, temperature controlled, equipped with wetbench; SEM, gold coater, IR microscope, probe station; AFM, Laser vibrometer
    • Micro Nano Engineering Lab: Low dust lab with IJV filtered area, safety bench, crossflow bench; nano carbon facility, fluorecence microscopy, AFM, nano robotics, air balanced anti vibration table plasma cleaner, vacuum oven
    • Optics Lab: Large low dust temperature and moisture controlled lab equipped with multi class laser shielding, air balanced optical tables, raman spectroscopyv white light interferometryv digital microscopy and limited gases infrastructure
  • Deposition Lab: Lab with gases and high vacuum infrastructure equipped with thin film, diamondv DLC and CVD graphene deposition setups and safety bench
    • Mechatronics Lab: Lab with equipped with control/ passive and active vibration isolated tables measuring equipment e.o control racks, Dspace, lock-in amplifiers, oscilloscopes, filters, high-end sensors etc.
    • Chemistry Lab: Lab for general chemistry equipped with fumehood; chemistry storage, Metrohm autolab; 18Mohm water unit 
Raith EBPG Eline

DUI Nanomefos 600
  • Lithography Equipment
    • Raith EBPG Eline; e-beam exposure
    • Raith EBPG Pioneer; e-beam exposure
  • Dry Etching RIE/ICP Equipment
    • Oxford Instruments Plasmalab 80
    • RIE reactive ion etching
    • Ion beam etcher with F/Ar/He/N2 chemistry
  • Inspection Equipment
    • Raith EBPG Pioneer ; SEM inspection
    • Olympus Microscope MX61 8 inch wafer with camera
    • Olympus Microscope DSX full digital up to 2500x
    • Olympus Microscope confocal LEXT3001
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Wetbench with ultrasonic and high frequency megasonic cleaning; Cleaning / dedicated lift off
    • Vacuum oven  ; Up to 450 ° C Dryer
  • Metrology equipment:
    • DUI Nanomefos, to measure surface shape of (optical) components with a diameter up to 600 mm with nanometer accuracy

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