Impressions: Summerschool Optics Netherlands

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4 NWO perspective calls covering a wide range of optical technologies and applications set up camp in Enschede on 27th  and 28th of September 2022. On these two days we had in depth optics courses given by academic partners, industrial partners and Postdocs. Plenty of knowledge was gained- not only for the PhD students- and ample opportunity getting to know other consortia on the forefront of optical science.


Paul Urbach “Basics of inverse modelding (incl. imaging) ” download

Lotte Romijn “Hamiltonian Optics” download

Ferry Zijp “Basics of optical design” download

Stefano Speretta “Formation-Flying Platforms” download

Teis Coenen “At-Resolution, 3D Metrology for the EUV Era” download

Yifeng Shao “New paradigm for solving inverse problems: Combining physics knowledge with AI by automatic differentiation” download

Yifeng Shao “Design of Broadband Illumination Optics in the EUV-wavelength range” download

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