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NWO has announced a scheme to support strategic research on topics with high social and economic impact (Long Term Project LTP). Together with colleagues from the technical universities at Delft, Eindhoven and Twente we have identified the opportunity for a large scale initiative in photonics and optics.

The academic and industrial optics and photonics community in the Netherlands can join forces to acquire a substantial amount of funding for R&D and innovation.

The scope of activities is anticipated to include sensor and health technologies, imaging, metrology, opto-mechatronics and information and communications. The underlying focus will be the exploitation of state of the art photonics and optics, and how to bring new science into products. 

Funding requirements are 30% cash contribution by all industrial partners combined. Partners of the project can define a relevant topic which is important for their company.

Interested to add your topic, or to join the team? Please contact us..

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