Master internship project: Fiber Gas Sensor

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High Sensitive Gas Sensor in Hollow-Core Photonic Bandgap Fiber

Detection of trace gases/chemicals is important for industrial and healthy living applications serving multiple purposes such as, analysis, diagnostic, safety, process monitoring etc. Among various sensing technology, optical fiber sensors have advantages such as resistance to harsh environment, immunity to electromagnetic interference and capability for remote detection. High sensitive and high selective gas sensor can be realized through photothermal interferometry spectroscopy building in hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber.

In recent years, innovation in photonic bandgap fibers has tremendously extended the sensing limit. Photothermal interferometry (PTI) is an ultra-sensitive spectroscopic technique for gas chemical compounds analysis. This technique measures the absorption induced photothermal phase modulation via optical interferometry. A hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber (HC-PBF) confines light and gas sample simultaneously in the hollow-core. This 100% overlapping ensures both efficient absorption and robust sensing environment, resulting in a much compact system design.

In this project, we will study the photothermal spectroscopy­ HC-PBF gas sensor theoretically and experimentally. The propagation mode in HC-PBF is determined by the wavelength, refractive index of the gas and geometry of the hollow core. The mode changes due to varying parameters will be studied through modelling and simulations. The optical interferometer for measurement of the phase changes is critical for the sensor design. In this project, we will set-up interferometry experiment and perform systematic measurement of the HC-PBF to determine the sensitivity of the system. 

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What do we require of you?

  • Master level study on physics;
  • Knowledge on optics preferably;
  • Experience in computation tools and languages such as, Matlab / Python

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