Challenging medical sensor project granted in RAAK-mkb programme

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A consortium of knowledge institutes and SMEs has set up an R&D project for MRI Proof Sensors Suitable for Catheterization. Knowledge institutes: The Hague University (Haagse Hogeschool), Fontys University, and Saxion University. SMEs: Unitron, CD Leycom, Somni, Delta Diagnostics, Mensura, VanderHoek Photonics, Technobis, Sol. The project is supported by Dutch Optics Centre (DOC), EKL and CITC, and has an Advisory Board with representatives from Erasmus MC en The Hague University.

Goals of the project:

1. Develop a microfabricated integrated photonics Pressure and Temperature Sensor, fitting the complete SME List of Requirements, without using electrical wiring. A first simulation of the performance is shown in the figure.

2. A full and detailed report answering the feasibility of extended measurement possibilities on a catheter tip, including pressure, temperature and the concentration of bio-signaling substances.

3. Producing an Integrated Photonics Ultrasound Detector with suitable dimensions on the microscale such, that the design is proven to be ready for integration on a catheter tip.

4. Design and build an overarching Read-outsystem, in principle ready and capable of reading out proposed quantities, pressure, temperature and in principle expandable for ultrasound intensity and lactate concentration. Although the last mentioned sensors will not be ready for testing at the end of the project, a modular development of the read-out system is desirable and ready.

5. Integrate the developed pressure- and temperature sensors with the readout system in a demonstrator and perform test measurement.

For more information, please contact Lodewijk Arntzen

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