Opportunity for joint innovation for DOC partners: MIT subsidy

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The knowledge within the optical sector can, certainly through cooperation, lead to innovation. Crucial for this is the matching of the right partners as well as covering the development risks.

We offer a solution for both factors: matchmaking and subsidy.

Within an MIT-R&D collaboration project, at least two Dutch SMEs work together to renew or develop a product, production process or service. The project consists of industrial research and/or experimental development. Large companies can also participate in such a process, but do not receive a subsidy from this scheme (other funding schemes are possible).

Which activities are eligible? :  Conducting tests ; Research on technologies ; Developing a prototype

The subsidy benefit : 35% of the eligible costs,   € 50,000 to € 350,000 per project

Apply for a subsidy : Application period: June 11 to September 10, 2020 ; Tender principle: assessment based on the quality of the application

Evaluate MIT R&D project idea or find partners for a possible project?

Do you want to discuss the opportunities of your MIT-R&D project (idea)? Or are you looking for the right DOC partner to set up a project together? We would be happy to discuss this with you. We recommend that you start preparing your application in time. Are you interested in this scheme?

Let us know via this link and we will contact you!

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