Optics Seminar in Veldhoven

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On February 7, 2023, an enjoyable seminar was held in the Mikrocentrum in Veldhoven, sponsored by Holland High Tech and organized by the Optics Netherlands core team, where a number of scientists convened, in particular high-tech industry. Starting with a keynote talk by Frank Schuurmans, the seminar included several brainstorm sessions to obtain a first collection of the needs of many partners. Goals of the sessions:
– To enable the acceleration of innovations
– To align research agendas
– To educate prospective staff to ensure a long-lasting future of this important sector of the Dutch economy
6 Perspectief programs – public-private partnerships funded by NWO – presented brief overviews of their optics research, namely FFSO, FREE, LINX, OPTIC, SYNOPTICS, and 3Dni.
The seminar is the first of many more, where the Optics Netherlands community – originally TU/e, UT, TUD, ASML, Signify, TNO – aims to strongly broaden the community (already >150 companies) with diverse partners across academia, education (HBO, ROC), large and small industries (SMEs) and others.

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