New Photon Hub Europe Training

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PhotonHub Europe offers companies, in particular SMEs, heavily subsidized (up to 100%) support in the field of photonic innovation. Projects can aim for low Technology Readiness Level (TRL) to provide a proof-of concept, or aim at higher TRL levels such as prototypes, alpha / beta products, or manufacturing process planning and optimization. Via PhotonHub Europe the company gains access to the combined expertise of 36 knowledge institutes, as well as to the expertise of partnering business support organisations. Details are available on the website

The Dutch partners of PhotonHub Europe are TNO, LioniX International, Smart Photonics, the Eindhoven University and Photon Delta. A key aspect in the PhotonHub Europe concept is education and training. One of the training activities is a series of half-day on-line trainings, and TNO will organize the upcoming training on Friday October 8 (13:00 – 17:00).

Application areas of optics/photonics

The training will provide a basic explanation of various optical and photonic technologies, provide examples of applications, and explain the way-of-working of Photon Hub Europe:

  • Introduction
  • Basic principles
  • Applications (general)
  • Applications (TNO-specific)
  • Way-of-working, funding, procedures
  • Q&A

You can register for this by means of the registration form on the website of Photon Hub Europe

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