The TU Delft Campus is undergoing an accelerated development in which, in addition to education and research, various field labs are also being created, the number of start-ups / spin-outs continues to grow and more and more companies are establishing themselves to be part of the knowledge-intensive TU Delft ecosystem. DOC reinforces this development through the sharing of knowledge and cooperation of relevant TUDelft research groups / clusters, namely Optics, Nano-Optics, Else Kooi Lab, PVLAB, Quantitative Imaging, INSIGHTlab, Medical Delta, Aerospace NDT Lab, Precision and Microsystems Engineering, Space Systems Engineering, Charged Particle Optics, Mechatronic Design, VLLAIR, Solid State Lighting. Partly through the TUD Valorisation Center network and educational activities are set up, in addition to broad R&D programs.