Large new public private research programme

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The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has announced which new research programmes may start in the so-called ‘Perspective for the Top Sectors’ programme. A total of six public-private programmes will receive about 28 million euros. The project is about achieving higher resolution and sensitivity in optical devices.

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Synoptic Optics (SYNOPTICS)

A dramatic increase in the resolution and sensitivity of instruments has long been the holy grail of optics. Higher resolution and sensitivity will among other things make it possible to detect very small particles in high-tech manufacturing processes and enable 3D imaging of minor manufacturing faults in the semiconductor industry. Improvements in this field are also important in food safety and for monitoring air pollution caused by tiny particles and gases, both from the earth and from satellites.

The Dutch Optics Centre (DOC) played an important role in bringing about this consortium. DOC is an initiative of three of TU Delft’s faculties (Applied Sciences, 3mE and Aerospace Engineering) and TNO that aims to encourage research & development in optics and the valorisation of optics research in the Netherlands.

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