Optical Wireless Superhighways Free Photons research programme

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In the summer of 2019 DOC had the first research meet on “space optics” to define the new topic for the TTW perspective round to be submitted in November of last year. After the first round of proposal registration we worked hard on combining 3 initial proposals into one proposal on optical communication together with TUD, TU/e, UT, Leiden and VU as academic partners and TNO as well as Airbus D.S, Demcon, ESA, Effect Photonics, Hyperion, STTLS, ABN, Aircision, Signify, KPN as industrial partners.

DOC has guided all the companies and academia in the design of the programme and the writing of the proposals. In addition, we helped to build the consortium by means of active partnersearch and have preliminary talks on potential contributions – both in cash as well as in kind.

The good news is: we are invited to proceed to the third and final round! In the coming weeks we will shape the proposal to be ready for the third phase submission in May. Are you interested in optical communications and want to participate in this consortium? Please contact a.peters@tudelft.nl

In October 2020 we will be informed whether we can actually start this challenging research programme.

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